Vallisneria gigantea

Vallisneria gigantea, heavy vegetation aquatic plants Vallisneria gigantea

Similar types of the same kind :

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Vallisneria gigantea, under view
Vallisneria gigantea
Substrate :coarse-grained gravel
Lighting :bright (to moderate)
0,3-0,7 W / litre
pH level :not important
prefer 6-7.5
Water hardness :not important
prefer KH less than 15
Temperature :15-30 °C
Size :to 2 metres


Vallisneria gigantea is one of the biggest, commonly grow aquatic plants. As the others Vallisneria is really modest to water parameters and nutrients and without some problems, it is growing even there, where the other aquatic plants starts stagnate because of poor levels of nutrients in gravel or water.
This plant is also really low-end for the light and will grow in poor lightened aquarium. I have already grew them a long time in aquarium with light only 0,3W / liter and I cannot say, it was suffering. Strong light is of course better and as most aquatic plants, it will grow faster.

Vallisneria gigantea, could be really nice in aquarium

If you're not going to fertilize, Vallisneria gigantea (and the others Vallisneria) will grow without problems as strength of leaves will be weak and their width will be about 1.5 centimetre, maybe less. Length of leaves is different, but in the nutrients poor water are shorter.
As soon as you start periodically fertilize and water will be rich for nutrients, width of leaf could be 2 - 3 centimetre and length about 1.5 metre. In extreme case length in aquarium could be longer - I have had something about 170 cm.

Propagation of Vallisneria gigantea is really easy. After proper take root, it starts to produce many runners. After plant or shock from transplant to the other place it stagnates and take one month (even more) before recovering and starting expanding and propagation. This is asexually propagation but Vals have another way to propagate : sexually propagation by flowering. I have already seen a lot of flowers but never seen a seed or new plant from flowering.
If you still don't believe me, that this plant is really easy to keep, look at the photos. I have bought only one piece of this plant which didn't look healthly (only 4-5 leaves) and this one expand in few months (3/4 year) to maybe 40 or more plants, looks like a jungle...ok, at least thickets. This is a really invasive plant.

Vallisneria gigantea, first lonely plant

Look how could be Vallisneria gigantea invasive plant and expand. This photography was taken at the beginning, few days after I put the plant into right back corner. You can compare this picture with the others on this page, which where taken during few months.

If you want to grow Vallisneria gigantea in your aquarium, it's necessary to consider where you will place them and which plants will be in close neighbourhood. Sooner or later it will start high shading to plants in neightbourhood and it's on you to trim its expand - so throw out new runners (stool), eventually roll her long leaves, in extreme case it's possible to cut longest leaves by scissors.
If you decide to cut long leaves, plant must be in good condition and flourish, not to stagnate, or it's possible that cutted leaves will die and totally rot off.
Although leaves growing rate decelerate, grow as always will continue from the base of plant, but cutted leaf ends turn brown and start to rot back slowly.
Quite effective method is rolling leaves to bundle or just circle somewhere in the corner of tank. First disadvantage - under plants set of strong shadow and most of the other plants will not grow there, second is drying up of leaves forced out of the water. Because Vallisneria gigantea is strictly water plant, when the leaf dries up in the middle, it starts rot of in that place and whole tail (sometimes indispensably long) drop out.

Vallisneria gigantea, flower If Vallisneria gigantea is in a good conditions (nutrients including CO2, light) it starts to spindle even 1.5 metre long twist steam with white flower on its' end. It's often stimulated by some improvement of conditions - just little raise light intensity or start fertilize... Like I sad upside, I have never seen a seed, just flowers.

Similar types of Vallisneria genus

Vallisneria spiralis

Vallisneria spiralis is much more typical, favourite and easy to grow aquatic plant. It is actually more common as the first representative Vallisneria genus, but because I have much more pieces of Vallisneria gigantea, I have described Vals gig. first. It grows up smaller, about 50 cm, in aquarium usually less. Width of leaves is about 5 mm and it depend on conditions (could be more or less wide). Basically everything what has been said about Vallisneria gigantea can be said about Vallisneria spiralis. It's useful in background of aquarium.

Vallisneria torta
Vallisneria tortifolia

Vallisneria torta is similar by size to Vallisneria spiralis but it has leaves strongly twisted to spirals. I had over 60 pieces of this kind in my aquarium and it creates nice background. I had problems with it when I replanted them - plants started to stagnate (it wasn't any surprise), some roots rot off and many pieces died. I'm not sure whether that is just my problem or it's more frequent effect, but the losses where more than 30 percent.

Vallisneria asiatica

Same as Vallisneria torta but little bigger.

Vallisneria americana

I have never grown this kind so this might not be correct information.
It's same as Vallisneria spiralis, bud higher (1m) and stronger, something between Vallisneria gigantea and Vals spiralis.

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